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Anyone who's been an herbs smoking fan for very long knows that many of the packets mention that their product is "not for human consumption." The next question you might have then is how to smoke herbs? The answer is that the best smoking herbs are made in such a way that you can actually breathe in the smoke produced by their incense and feel the effects. Below is a simple version of how to smoke herbs in a sort of "sweat lodge" of your own making.

You want to capture the smoke of the herbs smoking blend and inhale as much of it as possible. So although you can use a towel and cover your head like mama taught you to do with the steam when you were sick, an easier approach is simply to pick as small a room as possible to capture the smoke from the herbs blend.

Using a container (preferably metal) to hold a heat source in, the wisest approach is to spread a layer of heat dissipation material in the bottom. Dirt, sand, small pebbles will all work fine for this.

Now you need something to get the herbs smoking. Barbeque charcoal really works best for this, but you could try using different igniters. This part is really the trickiest in learning how to smoke herbs, because without a reliable heat source even the best herbs are worthless.

Light it, place it in the container, then pour the herbs smoking blend over the top. The best legal herbs will begin to smoke right away, sending off a nice, dank aroma that you'll recognize almost immediately.

No matter how good they are, even the best legal herbs will be completely consumed in about 5 to 10 minutes, at which you'll have to pour some more on top. A key to some of the more smokable herbs blends is that they have smaller buds rather than large ones that will roll off the charcoal.


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Oh! And we almost forgot: where to buy herbs. Perhaps the most important step in learning how to smoke herbs is knowing where to buy herbs: the world wide web, a.k.a. the internet. There are hundreds of sites online that specialize in selling herbal blends, extracts, solid smoke, and herbal tincture of various varieties. Smokable herbs are far and away the biggest moneymaker for these vendors, though, so you'd be better off trying those first. Once you've experienced smoking herbs, you'll be more comfortable trying something new from a vendor you know and trust after that.

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