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Is Herbs Smoking Legal?


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Not only is herb smoke legal, we guarantee that you will pass any drug test on the market if you have smoked only our all natural herbal smoke products. Now that doesn't mean that if you smoked our herbs 80% of the time, and then a few times took a midnight toke or two from a joint, you will still pass the drug test. Any marijuana has the psychoactive chemical THC in it, which is what drug tests are designed for. There is no way to fool a drug test if you have recently used any controlled substances, such as marijuana, LSD, or MDMA (commonly known as Ecstasy). However, if you have exclusively smoked only the all natural, organic smoke products sold on our website, we can be sure that you will not trip any drug test currently on the market.

How can we be so sure? The answer is simple: our herbal smoke products contain no banned substances of any kind, and drug tests are designed to test only for illegal substances, not legal ones. Another reason, just as critical to our guarantee that no one smoking herbs purchased from us will fail a drug test, is that current drug tests are not even designed to test for any of the substances that might be found in our herb smoke. Obviously, herbs smoking does have various effects on people and there are chemicals involved; but these chemicals are currently undetectable with the format of drug tests as set up by the DEA. So, you can enjoy herbs smoking without having to worry about what might happen if you failed a drug test and:

  • Your probation was revoked by the judge
  • You lost your job
  • You lost your health/medical/insurance benefits
  • You were disqualified from a sports competition

All of these are real possibilities with a failed drug test, but if you are smoking our organic herbs to get high, you can let those worries...drift away in a cloud of smoke.


The Real History Behind Smoking Herbs


Smoking herbs to get high has a long, long history. Historical evidence has been unearthed showing that cultures such as:

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Native American
  • Middle Eastern, including the Scythian and Babylonian empires

...were all participating in various herbs smoking rituals at least 2,000 years ago, and some as long as up to 4,000 years ago. So we that there is a deep need in the human psyche that is satisfied with the smoking ritual, whether via incense, water pipe, or even the commercially produced cigarettes of today.

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Indian society has a long history with the herbs smoking, known by three names in that country depending on how it is prepared: bhang, ganja, or hashish. Various religious festivals honoring the Hindu gods and goddesses require the sacrifice of smoking herb and drinking potions made from cannabis. Even today, the northern Indian Sikhs are some of the most prodigious consumers of cannabis-derived smoking products.

Chinese ancient Taoist traditions include references to cannabis as an herbal medicine, and later texts such as the Wushang Biyao (4th century A.D.) mention using it to "call down the Perfected Immortals". Literary evidence abounds that spiritual and medical use of cannabis was common in China for at least a thousand years after that.

Native American smoking rituals are well known, with the peace pipe and the sweat lodge assured a place in smoker's lore. Although presented as larger than life today, these did have an important place in Native American life, and the tribe could not have existed without the spiritual leadership provided by them.

Middle Eastern cultures such as the Babylonian and Scythian civilizations probably smoked cannabis long before anything else, and evidence has been uncovered that they made incense out of things like fish guts and snake skins as well. Although not recommended today, there can be no doubt that smoking was and is an important part of many Middle Eastern cultures.

Over the next 20 or so years, Huffman and his team developed more than 450 synthetic compounds (named JWH-### in honor of the Professor). However, an unexpected result of Huffman's published results was that by the early 2000's many former marijuana users began to smoke herbal products with synthetic cannabinoids in them instead. Initially, the products sold were called K2 and Spice, although as time went by more and more imitations began to show up with the same name, making it harder and harder to distinguish the "original" K2 and Spice from more generic brands that appeared later on. Eventually the terms "K2" and "Spice" came to mean more generally any sort of herbals to smoke to get high, and a new market was born.

Today there are hundreds of herbal smoke vendors, with thousands of different product formulas and active ingredients. Herbal smokes have begun even to eclipse their cousin Mary Jane in popularity, primarily because of the huge advantage that being legal gives them.


Benefits of Natural Herbs for Smoking


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Trying to fight that need is like trying to stop a tsunami by standing in its way: ineffective and dangerous. Ineffective because people will always find a way to do what makes them feel good. Observe the rapid increase in popularity of herbs smoking. Although these products just entered the market at the most ten years ago, they are now a driving force on the internet. A simple google search reveals hundreds of websites dedicated to buying and selling herbal incense. Many former marijuana smokers have turned to smoking herbs instead simply because there is no chance of anything like criminal prosecution or failed drug tests. Plus, the listed negative side effects of smoking cannabis or tobacco are not present with the new natural herbal smokes. No listed health or side effects have been found. And of course the negative stereotypes of smoking pot (stoner, loser) don't apply to these herbs because most people don't even know they exist.

Dangerous, because anytime you try to prevent people from doing what they want, there are consequences. Observe what has happened with the criminalization of marijuana. People who are otherwise law-abiding citizens, leading productive happy lives, holding down jobs and even paying taxes, are reduced to a run-from-the-law lifestyle, always wondering whether DEA agents will burst through the door. An increasing number of people living in the US are becoming marginalized as criminals, which can only lead to civil unrest...or worse. Observe the different approach taken by the Dutch government in Amsterdam. Although marijuana is technically also illegal there, it is widely understood that within the coffee-shop zones small amounts are permitted to be purchased and smoked. The government is able to collect taxes on it, those that need pot for medical purposes are able to get it, and the overall crime rate is lower than many other urban areas.

Organic herbs smoking is safe, legal, and even beneficial. So why not try it today?



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